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About Peridot Skincare + Eyelash


Welcome to Peridot

14 years anniversary special

Hydro-facial + Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Facial        

70min. $180 (Reg. $250)


Treatment includes:

Forming Cleanser / Exfoliating / Papaya Enzyme/ Hand Treatment / Hydro-Microdermabrasion/ extraction / Ampure / Radiofrequency / Ultrasound Cavitation / Eye Treatment with RF / Frosty Gold Algae Gel Mask / Neck and Shoulder Massage / Finish with vitamin-C serum and sunblock

Hydro-Facial capitalize on multiple skincare technologies and treatments to hydrate, cleanse, and exfoliate the skin, extract facial impurities, and infuse the skin with antioxidants and other skin benefiting nutrients. This soothing and moisturizing facial is non-invasive, non-irritating, and safe on various skin types and will transform your complexion with radiance of clear, youthful, healthy looking skin. 

Radio frequency energy has special properties that heat up deeper layers of the skin to improve existing collagen and promote new collagen production. Also enhances blood circulation and brings out the skin’s hidden, natural glow.

Benefits of this facial

-Exfoliates skin


-Tightening skin

-Lifts & tines loose or sagging skin

-Reduces redness & inflammation

-Targets surface bacteria

-Creates a brighter, smoother complexion

-Reduce acne and skin imperfections


*Offer ends April 30th

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Customer Reviews

Everything was perfect. The facial was wonderful, the service was warm and inviting, and the price was fair.

Aileen P.

Customer Reviews

Very personable experience and my lashes always look beautiful

Angelica V.

Customer Reviews

Excellent service every time, best eyelash curl - always reliably perfect job! Thank you.

Tamara B.

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call / text : 310-864-8998

mail : info@skincareperidot.com

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