About Eyelash

At Peridot skincare + eyelash, we emphasize to reduce the stress on the eyelash by using only the highest graded soft, light, and comfortably fit Sable products. To ensure quality and the safety of the products, they are all carefully selected and directly imported from Japan. 

The glue is the most important aspect of the process and we ensure the quality by closely monitoring the humidity of the glue when applying it to your eyelashes.

Our eyelash artists provide high-quality techniques that are certified through our program of testing and trials. We have three basic types of eyelash extension designs; the Single Lash, Hybrid Lash, and Volume Lash.



A single extension is applied to one natural lash. Classic lashes are perfect for adding length and some fullness to your natural lash line and will give the appearance of wearing mascara.  We use sable extension for classic lash because the health of natural lashes is our top priority. Sable lashes are more softer, and flexible.


A mixture of single lashes and fanned, volume style lashes (NOT cluster lashes) they are texturized and give a life-like, non-uniform lash look. Also known as a ‘mixed set’, they offer a thicker, denser look than classic lashes, but without the uniformity and softness of a volume set. They can also be a great way to get that staggered look, by using longer classic extensions with shorter volume lashes.  


A technique used to achieve a fuller, fluffier look. With this method, extensions are fanned out and applied to a single natural lash. This is the perfect solution if you have sparse lashes or gaps. They are much lighter in weight than classic lashes and once placed on your natural lash, the weight of the fan is evenly distributed around your natural lash to ensure they are never too heavy.

Perfect for: 
  • Client looking for a more natural look
  • Client with a lot of natural lashes
  • Clients who are just getting started with extensions
Perfect for:
  • Clients wanting to add a bit of extra drama to their classic set
  • Clients wanting to test out volume lashes without fully committing
  • Clients with naturally fine or gaps in their lash line, whereby volume fans can be placed in sparser area to make the lash line look fuller
Perfect for:
  • Clients who have fine, weak, or sparse lashes
  • Clients who have thick natural lashes, but enjoy the look of strip lashes
  • Clients who want more fullness in their lash look


Natural Cat eye Sweet Eye Doll Eye Glamorous eye
Lashes are enhanced by adding subtle length and volume, suited for those who do not want their extension to be noticeable Uses curly and long lashes on the edges of the eyes. Creates almond-shaped eyes with sultry look. Used mildly curled, longer lashes on the edges of the eyes accentuates the bottom eyelid to make your eyes look down-turned. Gives an innocent, sweet expression. Longer lashes are placed on the center of the eyes making the eyes look bigger, more round and open For those who want high volume, length and curl in their lashes


J curl B curl C curl D curl L curl




0.07mm 0.10mm 0.15mm 0.18mm 0.20mm

Q & A

What are eyelash extensions? 

Eyelash extensions are a wonderful addition to your beauty routine. Eyelash extensions are a weight-less, a semi-permanent enhancement shaped like a single eyelash. Extensions are available in a variety of widths, lengths, and curls. Each individual extension is adhered to a single, natural lash. We have three different sets for Natural, Signature and Glamorous.

  • Natural set 120 lashes
  • Signature set 160 lashes
  • Glamorous set 200 lashes

Our lash Stylists will create a proper frame for customizing your lash design; seamlessly apply your lash extensions by selecting a variety of extensions to personalize your look. Careful attention is placed on consideration of your eye placement, eye shape, and brow arch.

Will extensions damage my natural eyelashes? 

No. Our mission is to select the proper weight and length so you may wear your extensions indefinitely. The health of your natural lashes is our top priority. At Peridot skincare + eyelash, we will never apply long or heavy extensions causing damage to your natural lashes.

However, we cannot say other “Lash Stylists” use the same care and precautionary measures as we do. Methods vary greatly and so do prices for services. 

Am I a candidate for eyelash extensions? 

  • Your eyes must be free of any signs or symptoms of infection;
  • Your eyes have fully recovered from recent eye surgeries or procedures;
  • You are comfortable lying down for a few hours;
  • If you are pregnant and/or have medical conditions, in recovery from treatments, taking
    medications or have allergies: you have consulted your physician and have written approval to have eyelash extensions applied.

Considering the above items, if you do any of the following you are likely NOT a candidate for eyelash extensions:

  • If you rub their eyes frequently – either from allergies or out of habit;
  • If you have highly sensitive skin – while we do carry a low-allergen adhesive, this service may cause more
    reactions in certain candidates;
  • If you are ill or currently have allergies. We will reschedule your appointment for a time when you are feeling better.
  • If your natural lashes are very curly. Extensions may lay in an unnatural direction when the natural lash begins to grow. Having very curly lashes will exacerbate irritation and your extensions will not last long.
  • If your natural eye shape is too deep inset or if your cheekbones are too high. When performing our service, we must place an eye pad over your lower lashes. If the eye pad rides too high, the procedure will be very uncomfortable for you. Rest assured, we have a few tricks – if we can manage to get the upper and lower lashes separated, we’ll certainly apply your extensions.
  • If you don’t have natural eyelashes. Extensions are placed on one natural lash at a time; and we need your natural lashes to be healthy and strong enough to support an extension. Unlike using other lash processes such as a strip or flares, we cannot create lashes where there aren’t any.
  • If you have an allergy to cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate is the base of acrylic nail glue. Eyelash adhesive’s main ingredient is cyanoacrylate. How would you know if you had an allergy to cyanoacrylate? If you had an allergy to wearing acrylic nails or tips, you probably are allergic to cyanoacrylate.

I don’t have eyelashes. Can I wear lash extensions? 

Unfortunately, no. Lash extensions are placed on one natural lash at a time; and we need a minimum length of your natural lash to adhere the extension to. Your natural lashes must be strong and healthy enough to support an extension. Unlike using other lash processes such as a strip or flares, we cannot create lashes where there aren’t any.

How long do lash extensions last? 

Much of how long they last depends on how you care for them at home. This includes eye-make-up choices, cleansers, exposure, etc. That stated, an individual eyelash hair’s life cycle is approximately 144-166 days before it sheds. Normally we loose 3-5 lashes per day. Understanding our bodies are constantly regenerating and growing; each extension is placed on an individual natural eyelash hair to allow for this process to continue, without feeling pain or irritation.

Each eyelash extension lasts for the natural life of the eyelash cycle. This varies greatly depending on your beauty products, daily routine, age, and genes. Most clients return after 2-3 weeks because they love a consistent, full lash line.

If you were to have a set of lashes placed on tomorrow and didn’t return for a touch-up appointment, our adhesive would last approximately 5-7 weeks to shades completely.

1-2 weeks after your touch-up appointment: You will see shedding of the outer lashes first. Depending on which side you sleep on, you will experience more shedding on the side you favor. You may also loose lashes towards the corner of your eye nearest to the bridge of your nose. There may be 3-5 individual hairs which have experienced a growth spurt and appear ¼” away from the lash line.

2-3 weeks after your touch-up appointment: More shedding on the outer and inner corners and thinning in the middle of the lash line where more lashes have shed. As your natural lashes grow out of the follicle, they naturally twist and turn. This is a very natural occurrence, but could cause your extension to appear catawampus. There may be an increased number of lashes, which had a growth spurt.

3-4 weeks after your touch-up appointment: Same as above, with larger “chunks” of lashes shedding from the middle and more lashes having grown out.


How long is the refill period?

Refill within 14 days from your last appointment  →   2 weeks refill price

15 days to 21 days  from your last appointment  → 3 weeks refill price

22 days to 28 days  from your last appointment  → 4 weeks refill price

After 29 days   → new set

Are they waterproof? 

Yes! You can shower and swim in them! We recommend that you wait at least 48 hours before visiting the spa, tan, or spray tan to allow adequate adhesive bonding. 

What is the application procedure like? 

The procedure is tranquil, painless, gentle and relaxing. Many of our clients enjoy soft conversations or drift off to sleep. Whether it is your first visit or touch-up, the procedure will always be the same.

  • You will arrive with freshly cleansed lashes.
  • You will have avoided caffeine or stimulants a minimum of 5 hours prior to your appointment. Your eyes involuntarily move and stimulants will increase this action.
  • You will have avoided wearing waterproof mascara at least 2 days prior to your appointment. Once you are wearing lash extensions you are strongly cautioned not to wear mascara because the oils in mascara will break down the adhesive bond.
  • You will lay down (face up) on our comfortable, stable, warm, wide massage table. We shall make sure your neck and back are comfortable. It is best if your chin is up toward the Lash Stylist. This will help “open the angle” of the lash line for maximum extension application.
  • Your natural lashes shall be prepared with an additional rinse.
  • Eye tapes shall then be applied. This is necessary to isolate your lower lashes from your upper lashes.
  • Your lashes will be coated with a primer. The primer extends the cleansing process and adjusts the pH of your lashes to allow the adhesive to grab your natural lashes.
  • At your touch-up appointment, we will remove outgrown and lashes pointing in the wrong direction. As your natural lashes grow out of the follicle, they naturally twist and turn. This is a very natural occurrence, but could cause your extension to appear catawampus. We will instruct you on how to handle a rogue lash.
  • Then we will apply your extensions 1mm away from your eyelid. We use a medical-grade adhesive specifically blended for eyelash extensions and safe for use around the eye. Each extension is attached to one, single natural lash. This procedure allows each natural lash to grow on its own growth cycle. We attach extensions to your natural eyelash hair only, never to your skin.
  • We shall double-check our application to ensure each extension is adhered to one, single natural eyelash.
  • At the end of the procedure, we shall dry your lashes with air compressor. 
  • You will open your eyes to view your new extensions.

How do I prepare for my appointment? 

Please arrive with your eyes free of any eye makeup and have your lashes freshly cleansed and rinsed free of any detergent. We understand you keep a busy schedule; if you are unable to arrive without eye makeup, please arrive early to use the remover and cleanser provided so we may maximize your appointment time by applying extensions.

  • Please arrive with freshly cleansed lashes.
  • Avoid caffeine or stimulants a minimum of 5 hours prior to your appointment. Your eyes involuntarily move and stimulants will increase this action.
  • Avoid wearing waterproof mascara at least 2 days prior to your appointment. Once you are wearing eyelash extensions you are strongly cautioned not to wear mascara because the oils in mascara will break down the adhesive bond.

For our service, it is crucial we have a steady surface to work with to give you a quality result.

How do I care for my eyelash extensions? 

Your new eyelash extensions are fairly maintenance free. The general rule of eyelash extensions is “The less you touch them, the longer they last”.

There are a few other guidelines to keep in mind:

  • The largest enemy contributing to extension loss is: Oils, Parabens, PEG (polyethylene glycols) and Glycols (Butelyn Glycol). Oils can come from our fingers or from the products we apply. Avoiding direct contact with oils and these derivatives of oils will help maintain longevity of your lash extensions.
  • After each appointment, avoid moisture, steam and eye make-up for 24 – 48 hours. This means: avoiding exercise, steam from a shower, sauna, raindrops, or tears from an emotional movie.
  • After 48 hours: Always use eye make-up remover, cleansers, and facial products free of Oil, Paraben, PEG (polyethylene glycols) and Glycols (Butelyn Glycol). 
  • Every evening: Cleanse your lashes with a lint-free wand. The adhesion point is rough, and lint from a towel or a Q-tip may get caught in the bond and cause irritation to your eye. Your extensions are placed 1mm away from the root of your natural lash at your lash line. We all know 1mm is very small. There is a possibility dead skin, debris, or make-up may accumulate in this small space and cause damage to your natural lash. Damage can be prevented by thoroughly cleansing your lashes on a DAILY basis.
  • Avoid any waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. 
  • Schedule timely perfection refill appointments with your stylist to maintain your beautiful extensions. Everyone loses their hair at different rates; typically our clients schedule their appointments every two weeks to avoid any large gaps in their lash line.
  • We all have a natural hair shedding cycle. Especially when the weather turns warmer or cooler, the hair on our bodies reverts to a primitive status where we shed or grow hair according to the seasons. Sometimes we shed more times than others; as do our lashes. This is a normal process.
  • Do not use an eyelash curler on your extensions – you will break the adhesive bond and your beautiful, new extensions will shed.


I’m currently wearing another salon’s eyelash extensions, may I schedule a fill-in with you? 

We prefer to work with a fresh, clean set of natural eyelashes. Other salons may not perform to our standard of care and they may not have our exceptional level of applications and use the same or similar premium products we apply to achieve beautiful results.

We offer outside refill for classic lash. Natural $90, Signature $110, and  Glamorous $130.

If you have Hybrid or Volume lash extension from another salon, we will require you to have your current extensions completely removed. The removal process is approximately 20-45 minutes depending on your current extensions. Our removal process is free of charge when you confirm your new Full Set of Hybrid or Volume Lash appointment with us.

Peridot skincare + eyelash takes great pride in the quality of our work and we are diligent about keeping your lashes looking healthy and beautiful. We strive to give you the best results for your dollar, and this can only be ensured by not going over another salon’s work.


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